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HELL is denial of freedom of choice.
PURGATORY is erratic use of Freedom of Choice.
HEAVEN is the full potential for use of Freedom of Choice.
PARADISE is consistent coherent conscious use of Freedom of Choice.

HEAVEN is based on your realisation that you have freedom of choice.
Freedom of Choice is the basis for (y)our participation in creation.
Whatever you wish, will become real(lised) in some manner or other.
The question, always, is ... who are YOU - as creator in creation...

Heaven refers to the universal principle of creation.
This is present in every living being; it uses Freedom of Choice.
We are free to create any idea we wish in our mind.
If we wish to experience the new realisation, we must live it through our body.

YOU are a unique individual being with Freedom of Choice.
YOU are a human in humanity, one pole in relationship with all people.
YOU are human, as part of humanity as part of all life forms on Earth.
YOU are (mirror image of) the uniVerse turned outside-in.

You are individual in relationship with all beings in the uniVerse.
HEAVEN is the realisation that you are all that; with freedom of choice.
That makes you a creator in creation, if you chooce to (learn to) use Freedom of Choice.
If you actively choose to use freedom of choice in life on Earth with all other beings, you can practice/learn to plant PARADISE.

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