Meeting Place for Paradise Planters

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Integral Health Care

“do it yourself, together”

Human Humanity

“every human is a cell in the body of humanity”

Paradise Planters






Welcome to this web site, for sovereigns only.
Here you can meet with other Paradise Planters, and work together.

Participation is by invitation only.
Only sovereigns can participate in this project.
“Those who neither command, nor are commanded by, others”.
Here, you can represent yourself only.

This site has 2 parts: Human Humanity and Integral Health Care.
Each has 4 sub-parts:

Human Humanity:

  1. Holoversity (“Make up your own Mind”)
  2. WorldGovernment (“Share your idea(l)s”)
  3. EarthBank (“Share your Values, together”)
  4. Spirit-Inn (“Share your life (space) together”)

Integral Health Care

  1. Science of Life (“Freedom of Choice is the Essence of Life”)
  2. Preventive Health Care (“Prevention IS better than Cure”)
  3. Self Healing (“Do it Yourself, Together”)
  4. Web Doctor (“optimise/use all health care alternatives”)

Planting Paradise

  1. Paradise (“Participation as creator in creation”)
  2. Heaven (“The Universal Potential for Creation”
  3. Purgatory (“The Dung Heap of Unresolved issues”)
  4. Hell (“A closed System, outside of ongoing creation”)

This project will offer you:

  1. a private secure encrypted work space, for you alone
  2. a means for communication with selected others
  3. a forum for group interaction and presentation
  4. the public presentation space(s).

At present, this project is in an intermediate phase.
It will (need to be) set up as an Aegir Drupal Web Site.
In the present site you can read the purpose and progress.
But you can only join in if you are sovereign, and invited.

Ismene Festalis

Ismene Festalis