WorldGovernment ("Share your Idea(l)s")

Submitted by paradise-adam on 2016.05.09 ; 13:33

You can only represent yourSelf.
No one else can represent you.
You can represent no one else.
No one can represent another.

Every human on Earth is part of Humanity, and member of the WorldGovernment.
Every menber of World Government is by definition part of the Corps Diplomatique.
In the WorldGovernment, you can only represent yourself, and declare your own will..
No other can represent you; and no other can represent anyone except themselves.

To register as member of WorldGovernment, enter your name as required in Humanity Family Tree.
You must have two witnesses to vouch for your identity and integrity (as is also required in EarthBank).
In WorldBank you declare your Will=Law: the principles that you live by in your own life.
You are bound to abide by your Will=Law; and others will always hold you to your declared Will=Law.

The WorldGovernment does not create Law - you declare your own Will-Law in WorldGovernment.
WorldGovernment does Not uphold not impose Law; you do this only for yourself; not for others.
WorldGovernment has a SearchEngine which correlates Will=Law formulations of members.
This SearchEngine helps members to form Parties; and defines areas for Agreement on Desagreement.