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HELL is denial of freedom of choice.
PURGATORY is erratic use of Freedom of Choice.
HEAVEN is the full potential for use of Freedom of Choice.
PARADISE is consistent coherent conscious use of Freedom of Choice.

"Purgatory" is the 'dung heap of unresolved issues', of humanity.
As the gardener know: "Piss on it and the shit will turn into compost'.
"The undigested seeds can then sprout, bloom and bear fruit".
Purgatory, is a rich environment for learning to be  creator in creation.

The forum, Purgatory, is a work place; a place for purification.
'It is where we can all piss on the dung heap to turn it into compost.'
It is, quite literally, the allegorical biblical "Job on the Dung Heap".
"Somebody needs to do it"; yes: YOU; learn to clean up (y)our own mess.

We all make choices, after choices, thereby creating our own life; together.
We all build up on the memories in our Ancestors-Altar; our (y)own DNA.
We all add to the work others have done on, to, this planet, Earth.
We all make mistakes: we must all learn from (y)our (own) mistakes.

Any baby learns to walk (and talk) by trial and error.
Mistakes are unavoidable; they are part of the learning process.
By learning from our mistakes we learn (how) to prevent them.
Learning to walk is not about falling; but about getting up.

Purgatory is a place for purification, and healing.
Righting wrongs, by learning from ((y)our) mistakes.
It is an ongoing process of (own) error correcting.
Do it by knowing the goal: planting paradise.

Start by realising that Reality is a conditioned Reflex
The Reflex  was created and is maintained by (y)our Convictions.
The Convictions were based on earlier ((Un)conscious) Decisions.
But you are always free to (re)use Freedom of Choice, for the better.

This Forum addresses present problems you create on Planet Earth.
You create(d) and maintain(ed) the problems by not addressing them.
In not resolving them, you, we, continue to maintain them; together.
As soon as we - together - address them, we can resolve them.

In Purgatory, every problem is seen to be a solution.
For example: money is a problem; learn to live without money.
Every topic in Purgatory Forum has a solution in Planting Paradise.
Purgatory is a training ground to realise that a problem is a solution in disguise.

Life is an art; which we operate by using Freedom of Choice.
Humanity is a conscious being; of which we all form part.
The more we are conscious of that, the more conscious Humanity is.
The more YOU are conscious of it, the sooner Purgatory becomes Paradise.

Purgatory is a work space, a laboratory, a sterile operation room.
Enter here only if you have 'scrubbed in preparation for the operation'.
Realise that here you/we are always dealing with toxic/explosive waste.
It is our own excrement, old false reflexes/beliefs/decisions, that we need to clean up.

Integral Health Care

"do it yourself, together"

Human Humanity

"every human is a cell in the body of humanity"

Paradise Planters