Planting Paradise is/as a Nation

Submitted by Adam on 2016.05.13 ; 07:46

A Nation Government is a group of people operating under false claim.
They claim exclusive territorial rights on/over a piece of Earth.
Just as some Corporations claim exclusive right of/for trade.
So Nation Governments claim monopoly on taxation.

This obliges Nation Government to compensate all people, in all their lives.
All people must be compensated for deprivation of land and rights and freedom.
All people must by definition form the government, not by electing it but being it.
All people must themselves, together, decise how tax money is spent.

States in which nations do not do this, are de facto 'concentration camps'.
In such nations people live as slaves, under laws determined by others.
Any nation obliging people to work for money for taxation, is a slave state.
Denial of freedom of choice, in any manner, is a crime against life/creation.

A government using laws to enforce tax via money must compensate all people.
All people must be fed and clothed, to compensate for lack of access to Earth.
All people must be given (public) housing and all tools they need for the same reason.
All people must get free transport and free education, of their own choice, for life.

In a social cultural sense, a Nation/Government is but an embryonic development.
It is merely the scaffolding, for building the society, cf a house or a bridge.
It is meant to be removed as soon as the self-supporting system is in place.
In societies, in nations, that is the sovereign autarchic (self-governing) state.

Like the plaster cast supporting a broken limb, it must always be removed.
Every government must be set up ... to set up self-government.
Every system of/for education must be set up for self-education.
Every system for taxation must be set up for tax-self-elimination.