Planting Paradise is/as a Religion

Submitted by Adam on 2016.05.13 ; 07:44

Project Planting Paradise is as a religion, opeeating by shared belief.
This makes it more fundamental than a nation, operating under law.
And much more fundamental than corporations, working for money.
Yet as a religion it only functions if you live by the shared belief.

A religion is not an institute, but instrument for sociol organisation.
Churches are institutes/instruments for social mass manipulation.
Project Planting Paradise requires that you act by your belief with care.
And that you always use 1) freedom of choice, 2) respect, 3) response-ability and 4) reliability.

You will find that in most nations religions are outside/beyond law.
The menbers of the religion will, e.g., be tax exempt,
In some countries the religion(s) even determine the laws.
It is up to you to create and maintain your own religion.

Religion pperates by determination/regulation of (your) beliefs.
!) Free choice => 2) free will => 3) own conviction => 4) own life.
Because 1) Choose => 2) Decision => 3) Belief => 4) Reflex.
Life is about learning to make Choice with meaningful consequence.

Plantin Paradise project is a religion, based on belief.
But you must abide by your belief, for it to be a religion.
To enter and operate the belief must be your free choice.
This means that you must be free to decide your religion.

This requires that you be free to make up your own mind.
You must use respect in sharing idea(l)s/views with others.
You must be response-able in sharing your values/beliefs.
You must be reliable in sharing your life/space with others.

For this purpose Project Paradise operates Human-Humanity.
With the Holoversity, Worldgovernment, Earthbank and Spirit-inn.
These are four pillars of religious lawful economic society.
In which you determine your life, as sovereign, not others.

This is why project Paradise operates Integral Health Care.
You, must care for your health, in Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit.
You must understand what this means, and how it works.
Because you must be able to work with it, in your own life.

In project paradise only your life is your own, to live.
"Own" is never what you have, but only what you are.
Even your own body you do not own, when you die.
Thus the only own that you owe is your own being.

Ownership never plays a role in project Paradise.
Roman law, based on 'ownership', never applies.x
No one own Earth, nor any part of it; ever.
No one owns you; your life is your own.

But that means you must decide/determine your life/reflexes.
That again requires you are response-able in/for all decisions.
That again demands that you respect all choices of others.
And that you realise that life is based on optimising free choice.

For that reason paradise is a religoon, founded on your belief.
It is not a nation under law; because your will is your law.
It is not an economic unity based on tax money; you are your value.
It is not a work forcej you live your life, together as human(ity).

By declaring Paradise as religion it is above/beyond all laws.
In Paradise you create your own choices, decisions, values, life.
In Paradise you respect the free choice of all living beings.
That is why you are always active member of the 'church council'.

In de Holoversity you have your own 'monastic cell'.
In the Worldgovernment you form your own 'abbey'.
In the Earthbank you, together, form your own 'parish'.
In the Spirit-inn you together form your own 'church/religionl.

You are responsible for creating it.
You are responsible for maintaining it.
You are responsible for improving it.
You are responsible for being it.