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HELL is denial of freedom of choice.
PURGATORY is erratic use of Freedom of Choice.
HEAVEN is potential full use of Freedom of Choice.
PARADISE is consistent coherent conscious use of Freedom of Choice.

"Hell", means "Isolated"; it is a separate, isolated, place.
The old English verb "helling off" means: "to isolate".
Likewise in French "Enfer" comes from "Enfermer": "to isolate".
Nowadays we could call Hell: "Laboratory Conditions".

Science likes to work under Laboratory Conditions; 'in Hell'.
Whatever was created by science operates under "Hellish Conditions".
Scientific principles applied to society turns human life into Hell.
Paradoxically, the isolation from creation is also a basis for Freedom of Choice.

Helled off in your brain (pineal gland) we all make our own choices.
The hypophysis serves as a testing ground for our own experience.
The organ glands allow us to test it to ancestral DNA memories.
The cells make it possible to cross-correlate via telepathy with 'god' (humanity).

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