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Every fruit you eat contains the seed by which you can plant the plant that produces the fruit.
Humans have are better able to plant seeds and create paradise by communication/collaboration.
The SeedBank is the repository where all Paradise Planters store & share all of the seeds they find.
This is a foundation for Project Permaculture: creating Paradise on Earth by wisely planting seeds.

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Public Patent is the space for publishing insights and idea(l)s for the betterment of life on Earth.
Humans, as Humanity, can be very effective to optimise life on Earth by sharing Theorie & Technology.
All ideas presented in Public Patent are free for use by all people on planet Earth; here author=/=owner.
It is called "Public Patent" because these ideas cannot be privatised nor monopolised, ever.

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Project "Supply & Demand" optimises the sharing of abundance and catering to needs.
This applies to Goods & Services, for People & Animals, for all forms of Life & Planet Earth.
Poject "Supply & Demand" seeks to offer ONE website for ALL exchange/communications.
The forum discussion is used to create and maintain the web site software to provide this.